• Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask
  • Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask

Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask


It was formulated by the owner of Romeo + Madden for her own skin, to combat her adult acne, fade acne scars and prevent dead skin cells from building up to avoid more breakouts. In the process, she found that it did all this, but noticed it was also reducing her fine lines and tightening her pores. 

It contains 8 ingredients that will:

  • draw out dirt, oil, makeup + toxins that will later form into blackheads
  • help regulate natural oil flow (sebum production) to avoid excess oil build up that is, whiteheads
  • exfoliates and removes dead skin cells 
  • heals existing breakouts
  • allows your pores to tighten without any blockages
  • fade acne scars 
  • even skin tone and brighten your complexion

All this in just one 10 minute application per week! 


Our detox mask is a 100% natural dry clay formula made up of white kaolin clay, bentonite clay, olive green Australian clay, ghassoul clay, activated coconut charcoal, seaweed, white willow bark olive leaf extract. 

  1. Mix one teaspoon of powder with water (or green tea). Use a non-metallic spoon and bowl.
  2. Make a paste.
  3. With a brush, spatula or your fingers, apply a layer to your face. Avoid the delicate skin directly around your eyes.
  4. Sit back, relax (drink the rest of that green tea).
  5. Once your mask dries (10-15 minutes), rinse off with warm water, followed by a light wash with a cleanser - try our Activated Charcoal [ blemish bar ].
  6. Follow with your face oil or moisturiser (try one of our face oils or balms).
  7. Do this once or twice (max) a week for clean and clear skin.

Approx. 20 applications.

Below is a perfect example of the mask clearing adult acne and reducing both acne scars and pore size. You can read more reviews below or head over to our Facebook page to read reviews from some of our other happy customers!

Seaweed: The amino acids in seaweed plump up the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

White Willowbark: Contains salicylic acid that fights acne and sloughs away dead skin cells to reduce breakouts and reveal new skin. 

Olive Leaf: Contains flavonoids and oleanolicsyre to stimulate cells in the connective tissue to heal wounds and remove scars. 

Bentonite Clay: Flushes away all impurities to reveal clean and unobstructed pores allowing them to tighten. Fades acne scars and skin discolouration. An anti inflammatory that reduces redness and heals acne. 

Ghassoul Clay (Morrocan Clay) - Improves skin texture and nourishes the skin. 

Activated Charcoal: A magnet to toxins and impurities, draws out any blockages and bacteria within the pores. 

Australian Olive Green Clay: A powerful cleanser that helps balance ph levels. 

Kaolin Clay: Moisturises and softens the skin. 

White Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Olive Green Australian Clay, Ghassoul Clay, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Seaweed Powder, White Willow Bark Extract, Olive Leaf Extract.

60 gm e 2 oz pouch 

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