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About Us

Romeo and Madden Skin Food Lab was established in 2015 by myself (Tarney) after experimenting with natural alternatives to the chemical ridden skincare products I was using.

After spending months on end researching pure natural ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, butters, clays, charcoal and cacao, I started melting and mixing and blending and stirring and setting and ..... I was obsessed.

My first goal was to formulate a range of products I could use on my skin every day that would clear my acne and keep my skin blemish free while working at reducing fine lines and preventing any from forming.

Essential Oils became my new best friends.

Activated charcoal became my soul mate.

My skin started reacting to these natural ingredients. My pimples disappeared for the first time in my whole life. My pores were shrinking. My complexion was clear. My skin was glowing. Pigmentation was fading. Scars were less noticeable. My fine lines were even finer. I was so happy but so annoyed that I spent 15 years with awful skin while spending thousands of dollars on products that were making my skin even more awful.

When I looked at the ingredients I was putting on my skin previously, it made sense, I have no idea what all that stuff was, but after googling a few ingredients it was obvious that it takes a lot of crap to make a white creamy lotion, none of which is pure or natural, just water on steroids.

All my skin wanted was real food.

Your skin deserves the same.

My mission is to offer everyone an alternative to chemical based skincare that is not only natural, but effective at treating and preventing our worst nightmares, acne and wrinkles (not to mention psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and pigmentation), and there is plenty available for those of you with 'normal' skin!!