Bad skin sucks!

It really really sucks!

You wake up every morning, look in the mirror and all you see are pimples, redness, big old pores, scars from past pimples, bumps that are obviously new pimples about to make an entrance, oil, blackheads, whiteheads, ugh, seriously!

I have dealt with this for what seems like my whole life. But when I think about it, I actually didn't t have pimples growing up, I didn't get pimples during puberty, my skin was completely normal, my biggest problem (so my teenage self thought) were my freckles. But guess what? they disappeared.

When I was probably around 18-19 years old, I left home, moved to the city, got a job, made friends, entered the social world of nite clubs and parties, and although I don't think that had anything to do with it, it couldn't have been any worse timing.

I turn social butterfly and my face just loses control.

I'm not talking about little red pimples with white heads on them, i'm talking massive big cysts underneath my skin that would not budge, they were huge, they were red and they were really really sore. They took forever to go through their cycle from beginning to end and in the meantime, more would appear. Soon I was covered in them. They were hideous, I was embarrassed, and of course when I wasn't plastering them in concealer and foundation, I was trying to pick them so they would go away. But as we all know, picking means scarring, and I have quite a few.

My self confidence took a huge blow from all this, it was all I thought about and I was sure it was all everyone else thought about too. I remember times when I couldn't make eye contact with people who were talking to me because I thought if I didn't look at them directly then they wouldn't look at my face! what?

But, to be fair on myself, they did notice my skin! They would ask me about it! Whats happening with your face? Are you allergic to something? Do you wash your makeup off? Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise? It was probably more annoying then embarrassing, of course I was doing everything I thought possible to make these things go away.

I went to the Doctor, they prescribed the pill, that didn't work. I went to Dermatologists, they prescribed medicated ointments, expensive skincare, microdermabrasion, none of it worked. I changed my diet so many times, took away dairy, stopped eating meat, ate more fruit and vegetables, less bread, more water, less this more that, every combination of food possible to see if it was something i was eating or drinking, but no. I went to beauticians and had facials and bought their skincare too, didn't work. Tried and tested every possible skincare product they sold at the supermarket or chemist, nope. Spent $1000 one day on a skincare pack that I thought for sure would have to work, aaaannnnd no! I went to cosmetic surgeons, i had several different laser treatments, acid peels, light therapy, seriously i can't even remember, all i know is that none of this worked.  My skin never got better, the scars were accumulating, my face was a disaster. This was over a period of 15 years.

That's a long time hating your face.

In that time I lived in different climates, in different countries, ate different food, used different products, tried different medications, sometimes drank alcohol, sometimes not, my lifestyle was not always the same, so i couldn't blame it on anything environmental. I had adult acne and that was that! I had to just deal with it.

I still remember when I fell pregnant with my first child, Romeo, I got a little excited that maybe just maybe my acne was all hormonal and that pregnancy and child birth would sort everything out. I had been told this before by people who said that their skin completely cleared up when they had kids. There was a glimmer of hope. lol no no no no no...of course not. Not for me. Is everyone just feeling completely sorry for me right now? haha oh dear as i'm typing this i'm like wow, how did i stay reasonably sane during all this.

During my second pregnancy, out of boredom and trying to give myself a break from uni, I decided to research natural skincare. I was seeing a bit of it online here and there and kind of wondered about it, but a lot of it seemed oil based, scrubs and face oils, balms, that sort of thing. I actually thought, like most people with acne would think, no way i could put oil or anything balm like on my skin. It would block my pores even more, it would feed the problem I already have, and it has no alcohol or chemicals in it to fight my obvious bacteria problem, so no way it would work. But then I thought, well what have chemicals done to help my skin so far? hmmmm .... nothing!

I spent every waking hour researching ingredients, recipes, preservatives, chemicals, acne, essential oils, coconut oil, charcoal .... I was obsessed .... and shocked by what I was learning about the chemicals in our regular skincare brands.

I started making my own skincare products, I experimented, I tweaked, I experimented, I tweaked, and eventually I was 100% happy with my creations. The Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub and Activated Charcoal Blemish Soap were two of the first products I made and started using.  Within the first week of washing daily with the soap and scrubbing maybe every second day, my skin was clearer, less red. The pimples were not drying out, they were just disappearing. After a couple of weeks I had no pimples. I still got a few 'monthly' pimples, but they went a lot faster than usual. After a few months I no longer got any hormonal pimples.

15 YEARS !!!!!! 

I had pimples for fifteen years, my prime, I was so HAPPY but so annoyed!!

My skin did not need chemical ridden cleansers, alcohol fuelled toners and peroxide treatment creams! It did not need drugs, laser, acid or colourful lights! 

It needed pure, simple, natural ingredients!

I couldn't be happier with my skin now, I feel like it is 'normal', I wouldn't even really care if I got a pimple, because I am confident I have this shit under control.  


If I could only choose one product in my entire range, it would be the Activated Charcoal Blemish Soap, it is my skin saver and I would DIE without it!